Sunday, October 30, 2011

Twins in INTEC,

People, don't get confused okay?

Hey !
I'm Nadiah BS and she's Liyana ZNL.
We are two different people.
But people always mistake me for her.
People called me Yana,
and called her as Nad.

Do we really look alike? I mean like 'alike alike' as in, exactly the same until it's difficult for people to differentiate us? O.o

People are weird. HAHAHA

*Later I'll post more on this kind of stuff. I mean, there's more and loads of people in this world who look like me. LOL. orang cakap ya, not me. So, wait for my entries on siapa lagi yang people said looks like me.



Ammar Rosli said...

hahaha memang sama!

Muhammad Al Amin said...

kak Rita rudaini :)

Ammar Rosli said...

haha gewe amin le tu hok alik kane hahaha