Monday, October 10, 2011

Last two weeks,

wooo lama gila tk update. so am just gonna recap on what happened in last two weeks time. in a separate entry, of course.

and this entry on sending our friends off to Russiaaaaaaaa ! tapi kami stay KLIA jelah kan haha.

*lets the pictures do the talking.

oh just some reminder, jangan peliklah kalau muka kitorang lagi banyak bergambar dari muka orang yang nak fly ke Russia haha.

date : 24th -25th September 2011
time : 8pm till the next morning haha

lets begiiiinnnnnnnnnn

до тех пор, прощай ребята!

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Ammar Rosli said...

haha gmbar org nk gi russia xda mana pon..gmbar org stay kat KLIA je byk..:D