Monday, September 6, 2010

final year

as this year is my final year in school, so i dont want to make it like the worst year ever. so, i guess i need to straighten things up like any those unwanted things that happened for all this while. i just want to make it the most memorable moments ever to stay, live and socialize with all different types of person in sester. i guess if i didnt make a choice to move to sester, i wont be able to experience such an extreme life like this. i mean, if i just keep on staying at my formal school, i wont experience all those form-fours-need-to-respect-form-fives thingy, the wow-this-school-full-of-freaks moments and all those good n bad things.

i believe that everything happens for a reason. maybe it would probably makes me feel all sick and down but i just have to bear in mind that there are gazzilion of people behind me that ready to catch and hold me if i'm not strong. cause thats what friends do. ;)

living in sester for two years are like heck full of suprises things that u could never forget. from a small tiny things to the freakingly huge troubles. it all happened in this small little school with a population of only less than 300 students. as what i've been through all this while and as i watched people's act, i think i've become more mature than before. i made mistakes and i learnt to not repeat em twice.

i used to hate living here in sester, but the feel slowly fade away as i'm going through lots of stuff here. to all freaks of sester *haha*, thanks fr making me feel like what i'm feeling right now. like no word can describe it. its a good feel for sure.