Friday, November 16, 2012

3, 2, 1 ! Goodbye and Hello !


I hope it is still not too late to wish Salam Maal Hijrah to all Muslim out there. Indeed, time flies so fast. It's 1434 H already. A new year means, another year of struggling and another chance given for us to become a better person, a better Muslim. :)

Yesterday is history.
Today is presence.
And tomorrow is future.

Lets make yesterday a day to remember, treasure all the sweet memories and learn all the bad things and mistakes that we've done. It is okay to turn back, to stop by and to look upon what we have done in the past because as what quoted "Those who do not learn from the past, are doomed to repeat it". Yes, so sometimes it's better to recall them cause it could make us feel better, at least. Because make us realise that, we are still living in this world, are still given a chance to make things better and one thing for sure, will open our eyes that we are continuously changing, to the better or to the worst, it depends on us, on how to make it happened. Everybody changed. I also did changed, I guess. I was the one, who always afraid of changes. I never like the idea of having to change, having to adapt to a new surrounding, having to turn a new leaf and forget the old wrinkle ones. I hated those so much. But that was before. As I grew up, I know, sometimes something won't stick as how we wanted it to be, won't always stay the same and will gradually and eventually change. Well its' either getting worn out of overused or rusty of not ever being used. So, after so long, I'm getting clear that the idea of changing is not bad after all. Yet, changing is something we should try to achieve everyday and of course, it should be a good change. :)

Today, presence. The day we wake up to. And it is different to every person. To us, Malaysians, a morning awake would be the time for work, for school or even another day of semester break ( as for me hehe ), but some people out there, thousand kilometres away from us, is struggling, is hiding under a shattered house, is throwing pebbles towards their enemy, is crying after another death of their family members and is living without a sign whether they would make it to home or not when they step out of their hidden spots. And yes, people out there is Palestinians. Syrians. Our brothers. Our sisters. Yes, of course, we couldn't do much but at least, lets try to help them by making a du'a for every sujood that we made, for every jemaah that we attended and for every prayer that we ameen-ed. Thats all. At least we try, we know we have no power and strength to travel all the way to the Palestine and Syria to fight back, to provide a pair of helping hands, but little did we know, "Du'a is the most powerful weapon of a believer." So, insyaAllah by making du'a, our brothers and sisters out there will be protected and blessed by The Most Merciful. And we, here in a safer place, lets make each day as productive as we can, make full use of it. Live our life to the fullest. Work as if we're gonna live thousands of years more, and do ibadah as if we're gonna die tomorrow. InsyaAllah, all is well. :)

And tomorrow is future. Something that we can aim about, we can dream of, yet unpredictable. Everyone has a future, but how our future would be depends on us, once again. We can aim high, but if we do not struggle for it, we never try to strive for it, all is nothing. Yes, but do remember, if we already try our hardest up to our limit, and we didn't get what we should ( or we think we should ), then, never get too upset or give up on it, because Allah sees our effort, not the result. And sometimes, Allah on hold what He wanted to give to us, because He has something better and has His own agendas. So never questioned any of Allah's act upon us. "And it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you and that you like a thing which is bad for you. Allah knows but you do not know." We are human, merely a human, know nothing, even we didn't know what's best for ourselves. So lets just try our hardest, struggle to make our day, our presence and our future as best as we could, and at the end of the day, lets Allah decide what's good for us. Shall we?

InsyaAllah. A reminder to myself too.

Oh, I already made a new resolutions for myself. Have you got yours? *winkwink*
Will post on my new resolutions soon. Heee :)

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