Friday, November 30, 2012


It's Fridayyy !


Means, another week wasted, *pufff* just like that. It weird how I have no mood at all to study though before the semester break started, I had, well solemnly said that I'm going to study everyday for the whole semester break. I guess, I broke too much promises that I made to myself, didn't I? 

Hmmm. So, December is back. The last month of 2012. How shocking is that?!

2013 is coming. In shaa Allah.
And looking back to what I am right now, at the edge of 2012 and who I was back at the early of the year of 2012, there's a mix feeling filling me up. Well. Maybe I am pretty satisfy and happy as what I'm progressing and becoming in, or maybe I'm longing for more or something more superb, more to things like 'woahhhh wow wow', I might say. Like being a superwoman or something. Haha.


Yknow, that feeling. When you know you are running out of time. Less time you have than you have ever thought. Or even when something is running towards you, trying to catch you up, and you still at that position. Numb. Effortless. or maybe lost. In your own world that you have created, with some walls and shields between you and the outside world. Ahhh crap. Whatever. Hmmm, I just feel pretty useless lately. 

I waste too much time. 
And I regret.

And I keep on doing it again.
And I regret again.

Save me. From all these regrets.

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