Sunday, November 11, 2012

Of happy yet fear.


Alhamdulillah, done with my super-hectic third semester ! Awesome ! Super excited and I really looking forward for such a loonggggggg break. But is it a good thing? Or a bad one? Well, I do happy, well more to ecstatic actually, to have this long break off from classes and college. Such a tiring and chaotic semester I've been through. Just like what I imagined after few of my seniors told me to be prepared mentally and physically for this third semester. All is within this short period of time ; IELTS, Parents-Lecturers Meeeting ( Uhuk uhukk ), loadzzzz of HACC's events, loadzzzzzzzz of topic tests and loadzzzzzzz of subjects to catch up. But one thing for sure, this semester is very memorable and unforgettable one. I feel loved and cared, all the time ! Especially during gathering at the surau, waiting for Maghrib and Isha' prayers. I don't feel awkward anymore nor feeling left out. It's like love is in the air, love is spreading out and transferred from heart to heart. The night's sharing were just too awesome and as noob as I am in Islam matters, I got lots of inputs and new things to discover about Islam. Awww, the feeling is just beyond amazing. 

Alhamdulillah for the feeling. 

Alhamdulillah for the love.

Yes ! A One billion question above here ! Yipeeeeee OR Arghhhhh ?! 

Yipeeee! because ;

  2. I don't have to spend every day and night, in the study room, facing and revising A-level books. 
  3. I can sleep very late at the night, and wake up very late in the noon. Hohoho.
  4. I can watch movies happily without having to worry about undone assignments.
  5. I can play with my kitty kitten all day longgggggg.
  6. I can hangout with my homies and indulge myself to the beautiful feeling of sitting on the beach.

Arghhhhh ! because '
  1. How's my imaan would be?
  2. Too many distraction.
  3. How's my imaan would be?
  4. Too much free time, means too much time will be wasted.
  5. How's my imaan would be?
  6. Lazy ass and couch potato ALERT ! Hmmmm. 
  7. How's my imaan would be?
What a sad pathetic answer my nafs would gives.  *crying a jug*
However, I need to stay positive and always boost my spirit not only to maintain it but to increase my imaan at the same time. I must brace myself to overcome all the distractions and obstacles. Ewaaahhh. LOL. 

There's a few mutabaah 'amal that we already planned before semester break, and InsyaAllah I'll try to do it every single thing in the list. Well, there is no much thing to do actually but since I'm in the mood of a holidaaayyyyyyy, so even a couple of good deed would be hard to do, isn't it? InsyaAllah I'll try my best. I don't want to be among the unlucky ones who didn't take this golden opportunities and to have this so much free time should be spend wisely and to the fullest. 


We don't know when will our first life would be taken, might be few hours from now, might be tomorrow or might also be few years from now. Few years seem long enough, but actually, believe me, it's merely like a blink of an eye if we didn't start changing ourselves. Yes, Nadiahbs yes, reminder to you too !

Oh and I already listed out all the things that I'm planning to do during this semester break. Apart from studying,  I'm gonna learn how to cook and bake ! InsyaAllah. Hihi. Cause I wanna cook for my housemates next sem. :D And also some other things, secret stuff that couldn't been mentioned here Hoho.

P/S : Gonna have my first hangout session for this semester break, this Monday. Gonna have some breakfast and catch up a movie with my schoolmates. :)

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