Thursday, December 2, 2010

cathode ray oscilloscope, huh?

2 subjects left. CHEMISTRY AND BIOLOGY.

oh my god. physics was hardcore. i can hardly answer paper 2 questions. haish. i think that the questions were simple , but i just couldnt answer them. shit. now i just have to pray that i can still get A for physics. i dont want my valuable spm result paper to be ruin with a B for physics.

double oh my god. i just have less than a week to be called high school student. now i can feel the melancholic feel of leaving high school. most of my seniors said that high school is better and more fun compared to college. i dont whether it is true or not. but mostly would prefer high school. so, as for that, i will use my few days of high school life preciously and leave some significant mark here muahahaha. blah. =.=

okay, okay. lets not get to excited of finishing spm. upcoming subjects are bloody important and hard and i really need to study now. or else i will be caught glancing at my friends answer papers haha.


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