Tuesday, December 21, 2010

yes, dia PELIKSSS

here i am again writing this blog. actually i have no issues to come out one with but i have something cool to share with you guys. i bumped into this blog when i was reading sue anna joe's blog and i think i like her so much in the sense that she inspired me about all the hijab thingy. i mean, the owner of the blog, yeahh a girl named maria elena is super hilarious and cool :) slap me in the face but she is actually an engineering course graduated. yaa, an engineer. amazing, right?

i burst into laughter when i watched this video. she's really hilarious yknow. hahaha. just enjoy the video and i was thinking to actually try wearing the hijab like her but i dont know whether it suits me well or not. maybe i'll wear it like that, once in awhile.

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Shima Hishamuddin said...

haha maria elena ni mmg sgt famous kott, haha