Friday, December 17, 2010


its the 9th day after spm and suddenly i was like thinking, what the heck am i gonna do for this 6 freaking months before college. must i repeat? 6 MONTHS? yes, its equal to 180 days.

i dont wanna have like a really boring after spm life for 180 days and i hope that something would always keep me busy and feel the joy of no schooling anymore. hurm, a part-time job, perhaps? but i'm not so sure of where am i gonna apply for a job. i wanted a job which is clean and dry as in anything that doesnt involved food because i dont really into cleaning up people's leftover food on the messy table. not arrogant or being too choosy, but i'm just not into all those thing. but if i've been offered a job at a bakery, i would love to since it doesnt need so much energy and effort to hold your breath and not thinking of the grossness of the leftovers. but i think if there is no more other choice, i just need to stand it and work with all my heart haha. blah -.-

why am i talking like i've been already apply for gazillion part-time jobs? haha. *cakap je lebat*
actually i dont really know whether i should have a part-time job or not but i am seriously need some money cause i'm broke :(
plus, i need to restock my wardrobe with new clothes hahahahaha

p/s : siapa nak cari kerja dengan saya? text or facebook me :) takde teman lahh

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