Saturday, December 17, 2011

I need a fake driving license.

Hey. Well, as everyone knows ( mostly my friends, of course ), I still have no driving license. It's just because I don't know how to drive and I have no idea why on earth should we need a driving license to drive? -.- I'm in the state of considering to not getting a license at all. Hmm, actually I already registered for this driving class thingy on January '11. I keep on skipping my class, well the truth is I'm not really 'skipping' the class, I just don't called the driving school to set my date for every class that I have to attend. And so, the teacher who the one, need to call me to confirm with all the dates and stuff. People took all of their class, which sum-up to be about 10 hours, ( isn't it or is it more? okay, I dont really care ) in just less than a month, right? And well, as for me, it took me about 4 months to complete all the classes.

My last JPJ test was on June. Actually, we kinda rushed at the last minute because my registration of college was on July. Hence, everything needed to be settled by June. So yeah, I took the test, and I passed the Jalanraya part, and not the Bukit and Parking part. I screwed on bukit and I couldn't believe it -.- I was doing so well during my class, ( well, I like to think like that to, though the teacher was literally scream her lung out during teaching me. ) I'm not good in driving, seriously. Especially, manual cars. Well I haven't try auto yet, but I think I will do just fine and not as suck as I drive manual, hopefully. ;) I think I don't have balance coordination or whatever we called 'em. Means, my hands and legs like cannot work at the same time haha. It's kinda weird for people who plays sport, right? Ecehhh poyosss.

Oh, and this coming Wednesday, I will be repeating, yes REPEATING my jpj test. Thank god, I need to only repeat the bukit and parking part, though I kinda forgot how to do bukit and parking thingy. But, it still relieved me as I don't have to go through those awkward moments in the car with the JPJ officer again. This tuesday gonna be my last class ( which is the only class I got ) before repeating the test. Please pray that I'll do just fine those two days in the driving school.

Oh, fact about me : I HATE DRIVING SCHOOL. I feel all alienated and lonely everytime I have my classes and I don't know why.

Oh, another fact about me : I SUCK AT DRIVING, BUT I'M GOOD AT SITTING AT THE PASSENGER SEAT. yes, really good that you won't even asked me to drive or take the driver seat *wink* hahaha.

Okay, just pray that I pass the second test ! So that my RM180 ( this is so expensive, since my friends from other states just need to pay Rm30, RM60 and so to repeat their jpj test. Not fair ! ) won't be wasted over The Most Loser Driver Award.


Picoz Shupalula. said...

banyak betul kene repeat. terkandas kat part mane nih?

NadiahBS said...

haha actually, ini baru sekali nak kena repeat. first test tu, kandas kat bukit and parking. mase bukit tu terundur -.-
nasib jalanraya was just fine.

Shima Hishamuddin said...

haha good luck lah ye. cepat2 la dpt lesen pastu bwk sye jalan2 haha

Ammar Rosli said...

wah2 ..ammar baru je ambik lesen

NadiahBS said...

shima : ye ye, mcm sy bawak kereta je pegi college -.- kereta pun takde haha.

Ammar : ohh ala, tk aci. hmmm

Ammar Rosli said...

selasa depan test kreta nga pakcik jpj :D