Sunday, December 25, 2011

Ulalaaaa !

Okay. Attention.
This might be a one lame entry of celebrity crush. HAHA.


Ohmygod ! Had the most awesome dream ever last night ! I just couldn't believe it that I was actually dreamt about One Tree Hill haha. Funny enough, I was there, IN THE STORY, with Mr. Hottie, Chad Michael Murray ! Who would ever imagine that I would stand and walk beside him ?! Yes, BESIDE HIM. But it's nothing like a movie though, it was like we're in the same college going through our life like a normal person. But there's also some conflicts and dramas. Wait ! Maybe it do looks like the OTH series, the situation, the surrounding. Weehooo. :) That is soooo cool ! and there was also Brooke Darvis ( Sophie Bush ) and her girl friends. We had our meal together at McD haha. There's also an event where my hand was massively bleeding due to hmmm okay I forgot why my hand was bleeding. But of course, I was with Chad Michael Murray or should I called him as Lucas Scott heeee ;) I swear there was a lot, yes A LOT of events going on. I can't really remember all of it. But sure as heck it was the most awesome dream I ever had ! Wohooo for the dream of Dec 25th !

The story supposed to be a lot longer, but I just can't recalled all of the dream. Better than nothing, right? I woke up with a smile, I tell ya !

Quite a good end for 2011, isn't it?



syafiqah filzah said...
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syafiqah filzah said...

this is awesome !!! haha. awak memang, sekali kalau dah suka lelaki. mesti angau punya smpai mimpi2! haha

syafiqah filzah said...
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NadiahBS said...

Erk bukan angau okayyy. maybe dia yg rindu sy sbb dh 2 3 hari tk tgk OTH hahaha

Ammar Rosli said...

hebat ngat..siap mimpi teruss haha

Shima Hishamuddin said...

angau gilaa ==" haha
wey apesal ade byk cmmnt delted ?

syafiqah filzah said...

comment delete tu iqa punya, sebb iqa terpost banyak. haha