Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Our dads were bestfriends.

Hang out with Iqa todayyy ! :D
Watched Songlap and had 7 cheesy bites pizza for our lunch. Oh, and Baskin Robbin's ice-cream for dessert.

Looking at this photo makes me realised how chubby I have become all this while. Bulat gila muka okay. No wonder Yana selalu cakap yang my face bulat bulat :O haha.

Oh, and bought a pair of Vincci flat shoes for Iqa ! Birthday present. Actually, tak planned pun. Nak habiskan my RM10 Padini voucher tadi. I wanted to buy for myself sebenarnya, but then terfikir macam dah banyak sangat dah kasut kat rumah, so I still wanted to buy it. So, I just bought it for Iqa haha. And, it was so cheaappp ! Berbaloi ! :D

( Oh, upload kecik sikit gambar dia HAHA, feels weird muka dia terpampang besar kat entri ni. heee )

While having those long girl's talk and gossip, terserempak pulak dengan Kisshen. Our SESTER senior. Well, I used to called him, "Anne", ( abang in Tamil ). We were so closed those days. Then, dia joined borak sampai kitorang balik.

It feels so relieved to have this girls day out, even though only two of us hanging out together. Rindu gila nak borak and lepak with my girls. Hmmm.

Hope bila balik Shah Alam nanti, can meet up with my 54Fs and Bangsawans. Ronggeng around KL like we used to ;)


Ammar Rosli said...

dari dad yang bestfren..turun kpd anak dia plak :D..ukhwah fillah

Shima Hishamuddin said...

miss both of you :)

NadiahBS said...

Ammar ; Ha'ah. ;)

Shima ; miss you too ! next week sy balik shah alam.

Ammar Rosli said...

ahah moga2 prshabatn tu kkal smpai ke tua laaa :D