Saturday, December 24, 2011

Nadideo Nadidei

Found this on tumblr ! Haven't do this kind of stuff for quite a longggg time. Though this is all the so-myspace thingy, I always have fun doing it ! ;)

Let's begin !

1. Your ex texted you and wanted you back. Would you take him/her back?
Hmm. Depends on the reasons we broke up.

2. Has anyone told you “forever and ever” then left?
No, because I'm not really into those cheesy moments when in relationship with someone. But if you talked about bestfriends forever and ever. well definitely NO, they never leave me ! I love them for always being there whenever I'm in good and bad.

3. Your relationship status?
Well, I'm single. But in my facebook account, I'm married to Shahera Zahari ! Awwww :D

4. Where did you meet your crush(es)?
Where else other than high school and college, aite?

5. Have you ever lost a close friend?
Alhamdulillah, not yet.

7. Do you smoke weed regularly?
"of course !" HAHAHA -.-

8. Think back to the beginning of 2011. Are you still dating the same person?
Hmm I already stated before that I'm single. So, NO. have been single for almost a year. Wohooo for that !

9. Would you parents be mad if you were in a relationship?
Not really. They're not mad, just advising as how parents usually react when they know we're dating someone.

10. When was the last time you really laughed?
Yesterday, I guess. Well I always laugh over silly things.

11. Something is wrong. First guy you turn to?

12. First girl you’d turn to?
First girl? No one to be exact. Depends on the subjects/problems. But surely its gonna be anyone from My 54F's and bangsawans ! and not to forget, my lesbo partner, Sheraaaaa.

13. Is there anyone who doesn’t like you because of something you did?
Not sure about that. Well, I'm well-liked by others HAHAHA perasan sudah.

14. Angry at anyone?
No, not anymore. I learnt to apologize, forgive and forget.

15. What’s stopping you from going for the person you like?
Either my friend like him or the small voice inside my head says that I'm not suitable for him. oh, and I like to observe and if he did anything that I don't fancy of, it's a sign to stop liking him.

16. When was the last time you cried really hard?
Can't recalled.

17. Is there anyone you would do anything for?
Yes. My ego tells me not to mention it here hahaha.

18. Who was the last person you talked to for more than 10 minutes on the phone?
Sheraaa. But it was like more than a week before.

19. What is your favorite song?
Lotsssszzz. Jason Mraz's, Wani Ardy's, Adele's and moreeeeeeeee haha. ( okay, not answering the question )

20. Do you like Red Bull?
You mean, the isotonic drink? Yes, whenever I drink it, I feel like having some kind of superpower. LOL

21. How many people can you tell just about everything to?
About everything? EVERYTHING? Well, there's no one. Some stuff, I just let it bury and only me, Nadiahbs knows 'em.

22. Have you ever wished on a shooting star?
No, I don't think I have ever seen one. :|

23. Does the last person you held hands with mean something to you?
Yes, my daddy ! ;)

24. Describe yourself in one word.
Nadiahbs. ( Yes, I'm Nadiahbs and no word can describe who I am )

25. Do you have anything that belongs to your ex?
Hmm not sure.

26. Can you honestly say you’ve had a sleepover with the opposite gender?
With my cousins ! muehehehe.

27. Do you rebound?
Once. I don't think I'll be doing that again because as long as I can remember, it always ended up being what it is before the "rebound". -.-

28. Ever cheated on someone?
Yes. and I rather not talk about it. Past is past.

29. What would you do if you found out the person you like was in a relationship?
Nevermind. It's merely a crush anyway.

30. Do you act differently around the person you like?
No. I want that person to like who I am, not who am I around 'em.

31. Honestly, what guy’s number do you have memorized?
phone number, jersey's number hoho.

32. Is it hard to make you laugh?
No, as easy as ABC haha. I laugh over EVERYTHING. Sometimes, people don't get what I'm laughing at.

33. Who was the last person to make you mad?
Mom. Hmmmm.

34. Do you think your last ex will eventually want to be with you again?
I don't know. I couldn't read people's mind especially someone who is in 'history' folder and no longer in my present.

35. Have you ever fallen asleep in someone’s arms?
Well, my dad and my girl friends.

36. Has anyone ever called you scrumptious before?
Haha, bukan nak perasan. Tapi ada kot. Eceehhh

37. Would you like to put a night on repeat and live it forever?
Yes, 54F sleepover at MS Garden Hotel.

38. Do you have a best friend that knows you inside and out?

39. Is your best friend a slut?
VERY ANGELIC, okayyy. hoho.

40. Is hard drugs a turn off?
Absolutelayyy !

41. Are you happy with life right now?

42. Are you still in love with your ex?
HAHAHAHA, of course not.

43. Are you still in love with your ex?
Memang tak perlu lah kan nak tanya dua kali.

44. Have you ever been the “other person” in a relationship?
Rather not talk about it.

45. Have you ever had your heart broken?
Yes. Who doesn't?

46. Have you ever broken someone’s heart?
Yes. Oppss.

47. Is there anybody you’re really disappointed in?
Yes. Don't wanna mention here. ;'(

48. Where is your best friend?
Right inside here *pointing to my heart*

49. Something you’re happy about?

50. How is your heart lately?
Getting stronger. Jyeah ! ;)


Hg said...

number 37!

saya baru baca balik post saya pasal haritu. teary eyes :')

NadiahBS said...

Awwww. Rindu time main mask tu haha.