Sunday, April 17, 2011

Blow the candles.

Dear Wan Husna Wan Ab Ghaffar,
A happy eighteenth birthday to you. It had been almost 8 years since we know each other. Really missed the moments where we got to spend our after-school evening together gossiping and playing with stupid stuffs ( which we should actually been doing our homeworks -.- ). The practical pranks that we did with five for fighting during our high school years especially the nadiahbs-is-moving-to-johor-bahru part was damn hilarious and very convincing. haha. And the sleepover yang so funnehh and fun itu. It would be a lot of different if He didn't met me with four of you, my besties. I know I might sometimes done lots of hello-please-go-die-lah-nadiah silly acts when you're not in the mood or in wrong timings but pardon me, I'm just trying to put a smile back on your beautiful face. You always make me jealous over your 165 cm height haha. And and how I wished I have slim skinny body like you harhar.

Hope your dream in becoming a dentist will InsyaAllah become reality. May Allah bless you and all of us, always.

I know I'm the MOST AWESOME friend ever ( kan kan ), and I love you very much cik husni jelita ! And don't you ever forget me or else x_x haha.

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