Monday, April 18, 2011

propose me,

last night, i was sleepy to death when chatting with husna on facebook and i went offline and ready for bed. but then, after laying on the bed for couple of minutes, i dont feel sleepy at all. and i ended up watching the proposal which already been in my computer years ago. and yes, it was my first time watching it though.

it's nice. great. i mean this movie is really good. and i dont know why but i always get over excited when watching love story like this. two people who not supposed to fall in love but suddenly did. haha. i will like giggling, smiling without any reason. -.- sometimes i felt dumb for acting like that.

then it was 3.20 am and i still couldnt sleep. i decided to watch ps i love you but then, after 15 minutes, i caught myself snoring haha. exaggerate much. i dont snore, okay.

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