Tuesday, April 19, 2011

have faith.

i was blog-walking and saw this video on one of kyril's entry.

it some kind like gave me a wake up call.

yes, have you watch it?
and what do you feel?
it's true, right?

i mean, when we were kids, we didn't care at all of what's going to happen and about all the consequences. but, now, as we grow older, we're thinking too much and become paranoid. yes, paranoid. every single thing that we want to do will always not be done due to too much of what-if-this-thing-happened and how-am-i-gonna-cope-with-this thingy. and at last we didn't managed to do what's the best for us just because of it. the fear of losing and afraid of taking some risks had gone beyond the limit and its slowly controlling ourself. we're the one who need to control our fear and not let it slipped away and become the monster of our own reflection. you get what i'm saying, dont you?

"To surrender is 'to allow our inner resistance to melt'. Look deeply into your heart - find the highest unfulfilled good in you. It may be the fear to explore or to pursue your life's work. Disregard what others have to say. Trust and discover the wonders you may never have found if you hadn't done so."

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