Saturday, May 21, 2011

why am i posting about this anyway?

oh well a lot of people already knew how their universities looks like especially those entering UPM and UiTM. and those who didnt yet will like of course are so curious on how their campus and hostel will look like. and as for me, which i might be entering INTEC, i am curious as well.

and thank god my bestfriend already registered in INTEC few days ago and the existence of the INTEC group in facebook. at least i got a clearer picture on how INTEC looks like and how i would survive there. kinda. haha.

so, husna said that she's in kediaman akasia (seksyen 18) if i'm not mistaken because its for the short term course students. and for me, i'll be living in kediaman cendana. okay and its at seksyen 6. the campus? well, seksyen 17. hows that? i already google maps. haha ( semangat gila, i know ) and silalah, have a look.

jauh, kan? KAN? and husna's place is so nearrrrrr. no fair.

but husna said that there'll be a bus every morning to send us to the campus but we need to like of course be early and berebut macam sardin penyek. pfftt. and how if i wake up late? i mean like, reeeeeally late. like how i used to back when i was in SESTER? O.O ughh

so dear nadiahbs-asleep-self,
please please please do wake up early.
dont try to press the button 'snooze' every time
the alarm shouts like mad. haha.

and hopefully i got a good and fun roommate ! ;)

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