Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 1 : Kuala Terengganu

i'm home. yes, after five days away. so, in this very entry, i'm gonna post about my first day in kuala terengganu.

i should called this trip as BASKETBALL GATHERING & CUTI-CUTI TERENGGANU. haha.

i swear it was the best trip i ever had in Terengganu ever since, forever kot.harhar. i never know that it would be this fun. i mean, there's lots of fun things to do actually in terengganu.

after about five freaking hours in bus, i arrived at the bus terminal at about 6.35 pm. it was super jammed and the roads were packed with gazillion of cars. yes, it was because of Jom Heboh. since it was the first time TV3 held it in Terengganu. so, i guess almost all terengganu citizens were super duper excited to go there. thats explained why the traffic was jam like hurm, hell. haha. *erk? does hell jams? harhar -.-*

then, once i got off the bus, jian was already there waving excitedly at me haha. she was with her mum waiting to fetch me. sleepover at jian's that night. all we did that night was just watching movies. piranha & prom night. both are horror movies. then, we wanted to watch mean girls 2 but it was way too boring for us to bare. so, we didnt finish that movie. i guess, not even quarter pun. oh, and i swear i wont ever watch piranha ever again =.= that movie is way too much for me. i'm innocent okay. hahaha.

then, we went off to bed.

p/s : nothing much on first day. no photos. we didnt took one. apesal ek? haish. lupa seyh.

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