Wednesday, March 9, 2011

sky cries today.

raining pouring outside. it somehow reminds me of the old time i had with my friends back in high school. the time where we felt all upset and stressed-out over study matter and stuff, we really wish for rain to fall. hurm, i dont know about others, but for me, i always wished for it. rain is something that somehow give me the kind of feeling of pleasure and do relieve my intense and also swipe away all the sad feelings.

rain makes me rewind and flashback all the joy and happiness that i've been through and also give me time for me to actually think back about all the regret and mistakes i made. it like give us some space to learn to get to know ourselves by staying still and enjoying the smell, the sound of pouring water and every droplets that fall from the sky will definitely awe me. yes, every drop of it awe me because it so crystal clear and a single drop will end up like a pool of water once it hits the floor. i somehow found it very amusing, and i have no idea why. i just like the feel of feelings that i felt during raining haha am i writing it correct? it sounds wrong. naahh, it's okay. who cares.

oh and i remembered once Tiya and i were too bored of studying during midnight and we decided to go outside playing in the rain. oh and actually we thinking of playing in the rain just to make us sick and have fever. how silly is that? haha. and yes, it was 2 o'clock in the morning, and without hesitate, we opened the door with a stupid grin on the face and ran downstairs to the dataran aspuri. and thats when it happened. the feel of joy. yes, we jumped on the dataran's table, splashing water to each other, dancing like nobody cares and enjoying every bits of it. oh i missed those moments. it just both of us, in a dim light. cause everyone was sleeping soundly in their rooms. we even snap some photos but i cant publish it here haha.

oh as we wanted so badly to have fever, we entered my room and just slept without changing our wet clothes. haha. yes, we forced ourselves to sleep with shivering due to the wet clothes. then, in the morning, we were very upset when our mission didnt achieved cause we're just plain healthy. yes, no sign of flu and fever. we just fine like always. that's reallt frustrating that time haha. yes, i know. we were silly those days. and who knows, god fulfilled our dream. Tiya fell sick a week after that. but it was too bad. the fever was making Tiya felt so discomfort. and once, when i was asleep, i heard someone's cry, it was tiya. she was feeling very sick. since i was also involved in making her sick, i stay awake to care for her and help her if she needs anything. then, after few days, she recover and we just laughing after think back whats happened. hahaha. i swear it was a stupid thought. haha. who ever want it to have fever that bad after all?

oh, i love rain :)

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