Tuesday, March 15, 2011

she's Maria Aragon

this girl is beyond amazing. more than 22 millions people all over the world have already watched her video. how awesome is that? my god. and she's only 10 years old ! *salute* rumors said that even lady gaga had watch it and really amazed. lady gaga asked for this girl to duet with her in an event. but i have no idea if its really true.


Shahera Zahari said...

Its true! About th Gaga called her. Try and searched in youtube. I've watched it before. Time on air dekat radio station. And this girl frm Philippine je but leaves in LA if I'm nt mistaken lah. Anyway, she's so wonderful :-)

nadiahbs said...

yes. tau dia from philippine. banyak gila videos dia. mmg dr kecik lagi dia start nyanyi camni. cool !

Anonymous said...

this kid is good! cume facial expression dye jeh sy rase cm klakar sket kot...sket jeh ^^
yg laen AWESOME..haha