Thursday, March 24, 2011

i'll mark 23rd march 2011 on my life's calendar.

some tears rolled on my cheeks as we're waiting for the teachers to ask us to enter the hall for the spm results announcement. no, at that time, i have no idea of what i'm gonna get. i cried just because i was too nervous. yes, i started to feel more nervous and shaking when people said that only 36 of the students got straight A's. and at that point, i immediately hugged my friend and couldn't hold my tears. it just that i felt that the number 36 is too little for 113 of us. it felt like my hope just slipped and fell into pieces. i thought that our school gonna achieved around 50 students for straight A's. i felt stupid for crying since there's nothing we can actually do if we screwed. but then, i tried to calm. and entered the hall without thinking craps.

as we sat waiting for the principal to give some words of wisdom and announced the school's GPS, i cried for the second time for that day haha. i don'n know why. but it seemed like i couldn't control my emotion =.=

and then, Cikgu Fauzi said ;

"okay. sekarang ni masa untuk kamu semua tahu keputusan masing-masing. beratur ikut kelas masing-masing. yang mana takde slip result pada guru kelas tu, maknanya ada pada cikgu jamil dan yang tu lah yang dapat 9A."

all my friends quickly get off from their seats and rushed to the front anxiously hoping that their results were not in their class teachers' hands. but me, i turned back and went to my parents and said that i don't wanna go and take the result. i dont wanna queue. and for the third time for that day, i cried. again. haha. i know, i know. what the hell is wrong with me?! -_______- my mom felt sympathy and i saw tears already filled her eyes.

and then, suddenly ;

"Nadiah.......Nadiah Baharum Shah."

and i was freaking shocked! my mom was like, "eh adik! adik !"

i swept my tears away and came out front to received my result slip from the principal. they asked my parents to came in front too to take some photos.

and that time the only word that i can said is Alhamdullilah.

only God knows how i felt that moments. that was really satisfying. all the hard work, the midnight studies really paid off. the tears of depressing when failing some subjects and low self-esteem when seeing others from first class achieved many A's in all examinations slightly gave some kind of motivation and spirit to myself to stand the same level as them. and Alhamdulillah, i get what i'm hoping for.

and i hope that the success that given by Allah won't stop until here. i'm longing for a lot more in future and i hope that i will try my very best to achieve my dreams and further studies in the course that i want.

once we failed, doesn't mean we'll failed forever. and once we're succeed, doesn't mean we'll succeed forever.

hence, i'll try to always be humble all the time and hoped that the fortunes i got wouldn't make me boast, InsyaAllah.

p/s : pray for my success in the future. :)


sehaaa said...

congrats nadiah! pandainya awaaakkkkk :)

nadiahbs said...

biase je. thanks ! :D