Wednesday, March 9, 2011

five stars

yesterday i watched Little Black Book. it was just an okay movie. no special thing.

but today, i just finished watching Charlie St. Cloud. and it was fantastic. seriously. you guys should really watched it. i mean, you HAVE TO. i dont want to elaborate much about this movie cause i just want u guys to watch it so badly. i mean, you wont regret, i swear.

yes, zac efrom starring in this movie. this hottie completes the story even more. harhar

and husna,
saya gilterpalsung rasa, awak akan suka movie. perlu tengok. sangat. :D

and here's the link ! ;


Amsyar said...

tolg lah..
charlie st. cloud??
euuww..awk tgk papadom lg bes rr..
hahaa..siyes2.. try rr tgk..

nadiahbs said...

eiiii puhliz.
okay apa cite ni.
dah tgk lah papadom. byk kali.
tapi charlie st cloud ni pn best okay.

Amsyar said...

okey?? not!!
cm ntah pape jer..
ckp dgn org mti..
hahaa eyy..
yg sy tulis tu.. bunyi die
ala2 gaya nad...
heheee..sama kn??

nadiahbs said...

bengong ! tak abis2 nk perli org.
eiii biarlah dia nk ckp ngan org mati pn.
lbh baik ckp ngan org mati yg baik drpd ckp ngan org hidup yg gedik mcm awk HAHAAHAAHAHA