Friday, February 18, 2011

dear minister of education,

now, people have started to talk about the spm result. ok like seriously, when is actually the date? the right one. i mean i heard lots of dates they were talking about. my kuantan friends said that, it is on 23rd march. but my selangor friends said on the 10th march. and others in facebook said on 28th feb. i mean like come on kerajaan. can you just tell us the exact date cause you see, some of the spm 2010 sitters' house are like hundreds kilometers far from school. it will be so much better and easier if they know a lot more earlier. ya, just to arrange about the transportations ect.

and it kinda makes me more nervous because my mind had already set the date as 23rd march and suddenly when anybody told me an earlier date, it will surely creep me out.

so, can you just announced the date and let us just be cool and chill a bit instead of being nervous all the time =,=

thank you for your cooperation.

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