Monday, February 14, 2011

rewind please.

i hate it when my mom knew something that i'm badly wanna hide from her.

and for the time being, i dont think telling my mom about my break-up is the right thing to do right now. but whatthehell, she seems to already knew about it.

awkward moments ;

ma : eh, awak dengan aiman macam mane? contact lagi ke?
me : erm, ok je.
ma : ala, aiman mesti berubah nanti. yelah, dekat universiti lain.
me : *diam*

what the hell am i thinking? isnt that the right time to just tell my mom about it. i should have said, NO, WE BROKE-UP. but instead, i said, OKAY. okay? dammit.

i just not into telling the whole thing about that thingy yet. but saying okay is just super wrong =.=


Ruzzzzz :D said...

nadiah,even awk xpnh cerita pon kisah cinta awk kat sy.but i can smell it.mmg pedih bila bnde tu jd kan?be strong!sy tau awk kan gagah!hehe :)

nadiahbs said...

ruz, yup. yes, i always keep in my mind that i'm strong enough to fight all this melancholic feels ;)