Friday, February 18, 2011

not my twin

i was supposed to talk about this a long ago. since some bad thing happened few days back, so i guess this is the right time to adjust back my mood and turn on the 'galok' button. haha.

so, as the list is getting longer with people asking me to post an entry about them. i guess i better continue writing now.

the next person on the list is Nur Dina Athia bt, Ramley. i knew her since form 1. we were classmates from form 1 till form 3. and surprise surprise, we got the same boarding school which is sester. however, we didnt had a chance to be on the same class for the two years in sester.

oh, the most weird thing about us is whenever we go, anywhere, people might think that we're twin or sisters. i mean, do our face look alike? paling tak boleh blah masa first week masuk sester, i selalu lepak dengan dina je. and got one time bila i went to her room and tetibe je senior yang duduk sebelah bilik dina, tegur and panggil i, DINA. yes, she called me dina. and when i said i'm nadiah. dina is inside. dia macam tak percaya haha. kalau pergi outing pun, mesti ada je orang tegur and ingat kitorang ni kembar. hello, tak nampak ke kulit warna pun lain. dina putih and i hitam -.- wasnt that so obvious? =.= tapi i dont mind people label us as twins :)

ok. honestly, dina is a bit weird. from the way she act to her fashion sense. haha. and one more thing, the way she walk. orang selalu cakap dia jalan pelik. if i have a video of the way she walks, i would definitely upload it here, however i dont. haha. takpe, nanti kalau ada pun, mesti dina marah kalau upload haha. perangai dina ni memang agak pelik lah. tapi tak tau nak describe macamana. tapi lain lah. and dia ni kan, nauzubillah sangat relax nak mampus orangnya. gila novel pulak tu. boleh pulak kan, orang tengah sibuk2 stress2 study masa nak dekat spm, dia duduk senyap kat tempat dia baca novel =,= sampai tiya who is her deskmate macam nak marah je sebab risau haha. ok, i lied. bukan macam nak marah. tapi memang dah marah pun haha. and about her fashion sense, haha tak tau la nak cakap camne. hanya sesiapa yang pergi shopping ngan dia je akan faham. sampai i n syaza pun naik pening. yelah, ada sekali tu pergi shopping kan, dina nak beli handbag. then, they asked us yang mana lawa. so, i n syaza pun tunjuk lah satu handbag ni *me n syaza have quite the same sense on fashion* and dina kata tak lawa. and the one yang at last, after taking a long time to buy, yang dina beli tu, saya n syaza rasa tak lawa. so, our fashion sense like utterly berbeza. sangat berbeza. haha.

and as usual, lepas dah cakap pasal the good thing, mestilah ada the bad thing kan. ok. the only thing yang i tak suka pasal dina is dia selalu cakap dia ni lesbian. and everytime dina cakap camtu, i rasa nak marah giler and nak jerit je depan muka dia haha. dont ask me why i'm so mad. i have my own reason. i tak suka bila dia cakap camtu. i mean, i dont mind she doesnt like any boy or whatever but please please dont called yourself lesbian. because, huh. never mind. takpe, i already told dina about it. about she's calling herself lesbian. so, dia memang dah tau pun yang i tak suka. ;)

so i guess that pretty much about dina. there's a lot more actually since i've known her for 5 years. tapi nak beritahu satu satu dalam entri ni memang tak larat lah den.

so, DONE.
will post about others later. ;)