Saturday, February 19, 2011


yes, we all do. siapa tak setuju, tolong lah. jangan menipu, boleh? haha.

from a tiny little things to huge things, people always keep secrets. but somehow, the more secrets that we have, the more urge for us to reveal 'em. its true, right? i mean, sometimes, we share our secrets to our close friends or besties, but dont we just realize, after telling other person it so not called a secret anymore. haha. plus, if the person we told tell other person. how? so, its better to keep our little secrets just for ourselves. siapa setuju? :)

honestly, i'm not really into keeping people's secrets. i mean, i have no idea why some of my friends always find me if she/he wants to share some secrets. and sometimes i ended up being stress over lots of secret that involved my surrounding. ok, let me give an example. A came to me and told me a secret about B. something bad lah. and B which is also my friend, told me about A =.= so, i ended up getting stuck between two good friends. haish.

but some secrets are really interest me haha. when it comes to people's crushes. i loike :)

i love secrets and for sure, can keep secrets. so, you dont have to feel afraid or hesitate to tell me one. cause what secrets will always remain secrets :)

i also do have secrets. lots. when a said lots, you have no idea how much secrets that i keep. haha.

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