Tuesday, February 1, 2011

indian muslim, huh?

went to a bookshop this evening and guess what happened

i was looking at the novels. then, suddenly an indian worker came.

worker : u're looking for novels?
me : ohh ya. *my eyes still glued to the bookshelves*
worker : *pointing behind me* we also got novels over there.
me : is it malay novels?
worker : ya.
me : ohh its ok. i wanna look for english novels.

then, after couple of minutes, he left me and went to other place. nothing caught my attention, so i just left and went to the door. i saw that worker and passed him to say thanks n flashed him a smile. but suddenly i was stopped n numbed by a question from him. a WEIRD one. he asked me, "ARE YOU INDIAN?". i was like "NO." with a weird face. i wanted to laugh but it didnt come out. so, i just went out of the store after the worker gave me a sorry-for-asking face. HAHAHA sumpah kelakar. i told my dad and he couldnt stop mocking me until now. i guess, this thing will still lingered in his mind for at least a week -.-

honestly, arent my face look pretty much like a genuine malay? i mean, i know i'm not a truly malay blood but i swear i have no indian mix. like seriously. haha. how funny it was when it's happened. i guess, my skin had become darken to much due to the program.


Shima Hishamuddin said...

haha lawak gile, ish ish putihkan muka cepat haaha

nadiahbs said...

giler wey manusia itu. ayah sy pulak x abis2 gelak. siap call mak sy teros, cerite -.-

Mirashada said...

haha. jadik mangsa ejekan nan ayah la plak lepas ni ;P

nadiahbs said...

haha mmg pon. haish. nasib badan lah

sabrina abdullah said...

u do have the indian features
your hidung is very mancung

nadiahbs said...

aduyai. really? haha
takpe lah. india pon india lah haha