Friday, February 4, 2011

new skin :)

as the time flies, we started to grow. mature is the best word that i could burst out. am i matured enough? do you think i am one? haha. i know that your answer would definitely be a big NO. but, that was a time ago. we havent met for quite some times and i havent had girls days out for a while. now, i would proudly let you know that, i think i'm matured. not like 100% matured. but, there's a part of me, the kiddo one had already teared up from my body and a new skin of maturity is folded just beneath it.

previously, i tend to not take things serious and just procrastinate most of the time. but now, i guess i started to change a bit. i tried to. always. and i think i like the new me. the one with a slightly different minds and perception towards everything. i see things in new perspective. perhaps, because of all the motivations i got and experiences that i've been through all this while. it surely molded me to whoever i am today. and i feel satisfied of myself. just not the right time to, but the changes makes me happy and feels the reason to always wake up from bed and live my life to the fullest. i really hope that what i feel today will always be the same and all the motivations didnt fade away. the inspirations that i got would always makes me find a way to bring myself to a higher position :)


Mirashada said...

yes, everyone need to be mature. But not to be too serious all the time, just in some cases right. I am not fully mature too but I love how the way I am (:

nadiahbs said...

thumbs up for u mirashada :)
lets live our life to the fullest with a bit of maturity.