Tuesday, February 8, 2011

help me, will ya?

guys, since sometimes i suffered from blog-block syndrome, so it will help me A LOT if you guys suggest any topics for me to talk about. you could also ask me for any videos or tutorials and if possible, i will probably do as so. you can even ask me to post entry on you too. i mean, like what i think about you, my perceptions towards you or anything. ANYTHING. because like what you guys experience, i kinda got plenty of times and i'm seriously had already cracking my head to figure out what to do but it seems like nothing pretty much interest me nowadays. so, blogging is what i'm into right now. yes yes, i know. my life is pretty much plain and bored. but, please, please do suggest me something, okay? you want me to talk about what, spesis lembu di malaysia? atau kenapa bumi kita di panggil bumi? haha. yeah i sure will do some research first before i elaborate about that so topics. at least, i could gain some knowledge right? so do you. :)

so, really looking forward for your suggestions.
you can write the topics on the chatbox at the right side of this blog, ya. >>>>


sabrina abdullah said...

i would LOVE if u say something about me in your blog... ***wink wink***

nadiahbs said...

haha, ok2. i will. tapi teacher kena tunggu la, sbb ramai lagi dalam list haha